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Smt. Rama Rauta founded the Save Ganga Movement in 1998 with a seminar on ‘Ganga aur Humara Daayitva’ at Kanpur understanding the need of a nationwide collective movement to the cause and also a need of a holistic solution to the various issues faced by the river. National Women's Organization, Pune was formed in 1998 mainly for this noble cause.

She conceptualized the movement with Gandhian ideology and soon this movement was supported or joined by various eminent Gandhians, religious leaders from various faiths, legal experts, eminent scientists, and various scientific organizations such as IIT, CSIR labs such as NEERI, NBRI, ITRC and many like-minded NGOs. A holistic roadmap detailing short-term and long-term solution to the impending ecological crisis drafted by the continuous churning of the intellectuals associated with this movement has been a reference guide to the Governments working towards making the Ganga “Aviral ” and “Nirmal”.

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