Ganga Satyagraha

Ganga Satyagraha



Dear Friends,   

Unfortunately and deplorably the industries which had stopped dumping their industrial effluents into our river mothers during the period of lockdown due to the Covid-19 Epidemic, have started again dumping their industrial effluents into the river mothers after removable of the lockdown.  The forced lockdown due to corona virus epidemic had cleaned mother Ganga due to stoppage of production of  industrial effluents,  and  Ganga-harmful business and ritualistic activities, etc., which our decades of Ganga cleaning/ rejuvenating activities had  failed to do. Since our leaders, under the spell of the glamour of the present form of development of modern civilization which Mahatma Gandhi considered to be satanic and a nine days wonder only, are showing great apathy to the great noble cause of the rejuvenation and preservation of our great river mothers and their sources our great mountains and forests even though they know its great importance for our masses, future generations and the dumb and deaf life-world, let us create a Gandhian Mass Satyagraha for this great noble cause. It is now the only surest means available for us to realize this invaluable noble goal. Likeminded people throughout the country should sincerely try to create the movement in their own region, considering Mahatma Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha as the ideal. Ideally there should be one main  Water Satyagrahi Group for  each of our great river mother with  subgroups for her  different regions as its branches  which could have its  own subgroups, with proper coordination  among the Water Satyagrahi Groups.

Let us take first the following steps to begin with:

(1)Let us also solemnly resolve to do the needful whatsoever possible to do individually and collectively along with likeminded persons to put moral pressure on the government for the acceptance and implementation of the following recommendations of our Save Ganga movement as soon as possible. They are the result of the churning discussions of many Save Ganga and Save Himalayas Seminars/ Meetings/ Workshops held in different parts of our country in the course of our Save Ganga Movement:

(a)The National River Ganga Rejuvenation and Preservation Act 

(b) The Himalayan Ganga Basin Rejuvenation and Preservation Act

(c)The River Rights Act

Once we have the laws, we can take the help of our courts to fight various enemies of our river mothers for their protection and preservation. (See The Main Points/ Recommendations of our Movement, 2017-20, for the content of the Acts.)

(2)Since dumping of industrial effluents into our river mothers is the Number One Direct Enemy of our river mothers, to begin with let us prepare a list of industries which dump their effluents into our great river mothers and appeal to masses to boycott use of their products after giving them some reasonable time to take the necessary steps for stopping dumping of their effluents, treated or untreated, into our river mothers. Let us also prepare a list of the  major hotels and  Mathas/ Ashrams   which dump their sewage  directly into  our river mothers and appeal to masses to boycott them  after giving some reasonable time to do the needful  to stop discharging their sewage, treated or untreated, into our river mothers. We must also create mass awareness against the hospitals which dump their wastes into our river mothers. 

(3)Let the likeminded teacher and student Satyagrahis  of an educational  institute find out (a) whether  the chemical wastes of any scientific lab of their institute enters directly or indirectly  into any river or water body and ( b) whether the   sewage   of their institute  treated or untreated enters into any  river or water body, and  create  the necessary  awareness to put moral pressure on the authorities against it.

The gap between what our teachers and preachers teach and what they practice is a great evil, and their failure to provide critical character building ethics education in our education system is its root cause. Let us sincerely try to create the necessary awareness to put moral pressure on the concerned authorities to make our educational institutions environmental friendly as far as it is possible. It would be a major step in the right direction to inspire/ influence the students to lead environment-friendly life later in their family as well as professional life. Humans under the spell of the glamour of the present form of development of modern civilization have become the most dangerous species of mother Earth due to the unethical use of science and technology, although every human has the potentiality to become a divine being. Without providing critical character-building ethics education from the beginning of our education system, it would not be possible to have a culture of development based on minds with divine characteristics. (See The Bhagavad Gita, Ch.16 for a discussion on divine and demoniacal characteristics.) We must study critically the views of great religions and of great teachers and thinkers of mankind about various fundamental issues of ethics concerning ethical values and the nature, value and means of (why and how to lead) ethically good life.

In the long run, we must transform the present extremely rural-hostile and eco-hostile form of Industrialization and urbanization, which is the  Number One Indirect Enemy of our great  river mothers and their sources our great mountains and forests, into a  profoundly ethics-based rural-friendly and nature-friendly form of decentralized Industrialization and urbanization  through a  Gandhian Mass Satyagraha Movement  for a profoundly ethics-based, sustainable & equitable, loving and caring non-violent culture of development.

We will decide what would be our next steps after making some progress in the above steps.

Let us always remember the profoundly very valuable message of Albert Einstein: “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

With warm regards, goodwill, and prayers,

Smt. Rama Rauta, Founder, Save Ganga Movement

Former Member, Expert Advisory Committee, Ganga Rejuvenation, Ministry of WR, RD&GR, Govt. of India

Former Expert Member, National Ganga River Basin Authority, Govt. of India

President, National Women’s Organization, Pune