A Letter to Hon’ble Minister of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

A Letter to Hon’ble Minister of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India





Ganga symbolizes all rivers, water bodies and aquatic life; Giriraj Himalaya symbolizes all mountains, forests and wildlife; Gandhi symbolizes a culture of Truth and non-violence, i.e. a culture of pursuit of ethical perfection as the ultimate goal of life and   pursuit of selfless ethical life of universal love as its means

8 April 2020


Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Hon’ble Minister of Jal Shakti, Govt. of India

Sharm Shakti  Bhawan, Rafi Marg

New Delhi-110001 


An appeal to take the necessary steps to scientifically test whether Coli Phages Virus of Gangajal can kill Corona Virus

Dear Shri Gajendra Singh Shekhawatji,

 It is scientifically known that natural pure Gangajal (water of Ganga) has some unique health promoting bactericidal, non-putrefying, self-purifying qualities. Mother Ganga’s having about 25 times more self-purifying capacity than that of the other rivers, and the presence of high levels of bactericidal copper and chromium and perhaps of uranium, thorium in the Himalayan sediments and Virus Coli Phages in the sediments of the river which kill the harmful bacteria Coli Forms, makes her very special among our great river mothers.

We earnestly request you to direct our CSIR Labs to scientifically test to know whether Coli Phages Virus can kill Corona Virus. To the best of my knowledge there has been no scientific test for this.

What our modern seers have failed to teach us about the importance of pure air, pure water, soil, trees, herbs, etc. of Mother Nature for us which the Shanti Mantra, “Om… antariksham shantih, prathvi shantih, aapha shantih, osadhay shantih, vanaspatayah shantih ….” teaches us, Corona Virus-Fear has taught us about the importance of hygiene and sanitation within one month. After the Corona Virus Crisis is over, experts would find out how much we would gain economically taking into account the environmental cost of the resulted environment cleanliness   due to the forced global lockdown. For example, the forced lockdown has cleaned mother Ganga due to stoppage of industrial effluents, sand mining activities, Ganga polluting unethical business and ritualistic activities, etc., which our decades of Ganga cleaning/ rejuvenating activities have failed to do. Hope the Corona Virus Crisis would help us to awaken from the spell of the glamour of the present form of development of modern civilization which Gandhiji considered to be Satanic and ‘a nine days wonder’ only.

We must realize that rejuvenation and preservation our great river mothers and their sources our great mountains and forests, is absolutely necessary to ensure permanent pure food, pure water and pure air¬ to our masses, future generations and our dumb and deaf fellow life-world,  and rejuvenating and preserving our national river mother Ganga would be a major step in the right  direction to rejuvenate and preserve all our other great river mothers  which are also in the process of slow death: they provide their invaluable services with zero use of fossil fuel. (For the details, see Save Ganga Movement’s website: savegangamovement.org

Let us consider the issue of rejuvenation and preservation of our great river mothers and their sources our great mountains and forests with empathy and compassion for the sufferings of our masses, future generations and the dumb and deaf fellow lifeworld. Let us pray God to help us to overcome the present deadly Corona Virus Crisis with His unlimited compassion and grace, and also help us to take the necessary steps for the rejuvenation and preservation of the life-giving and life-&-health sustaining aesthetically and religiously invaluable natural eco-systems of Mother Earth.

With deep love and prayers,


Smt. Rama Rauta

Founder & Convener, Save Ganga Movement

Former Member, Expert Advisory Committee, Ganga Rejuvenation, Ministry of WR, RD & GR, Govt. of India

Former Expert Member, National Ganga River Basin Authority, Govt. of India

President, National Women’s Organization, Pune

Email: ramarauta@rediffmail.com, ramarauta29@gmail.com

Website: savegangamovement.org