Message from Acharya S. N. Goenka

Message from Acharya S. N. Goenka


I am pleased to know about the initiative of “Save Ganga Movement”. I am happy that the movement is run on Gandhian principles. Peaceful means alone will ensure that people are educated about their environment. The world is finally waking up to the dangers of global warming caused by damage to the eco-systems everywhere. For every Indian, there is no bigger reminder of this great threat to the future mother earth than what has happened to Ganga.

At the root of all the wanton destruction of ecology is human greed and callousness. India is a great country that has given to the world great saints from the Buddha to Gandhiji in modern times. The Buddha spent forty-five years of his life in the Gangetic plain spreading the message of peace that continued to spread to the rest of the world for the next 25 centuries and is relevant even today.

The problems of environmental pollution, carbon emission, damage to local ecosystems and global warming are further compounded by ignorance of the common man about these issues that are so vital to the very survival of human race. Therefore, efforts of “Save Ganga Movement” are praiseworthy.

I wish the movement all the success in its efforts!

S.N. Goenka