Global Warming: Gandhian Solution

Global Warming: Gandhian Solution




Gandhian Solution to the Problem of Global Warming &Climate Change: The Surest and Perhaps the Only Solution.

Neither the great seers of our Indian civilization nor the great seers of various great religions would approve the present fundamentally unspiritual, extremely eco-hostile and out-and-out consumerist global market culture of unlimited desires for wealth and luxuries, which has caused disappearance of tens of thousands of plant and animal species and continues to cause greater and greater violence to our life and health-sustaining natural systems, (in the form of causing pollution of air, water, food , soil, global warming and climate change, depletion of non-renewable natural resources, depletion of ozone layer, etc.) which has devastating implications in the long run for our future generations as well as for the entire life-world. According to the 2014 Living Planet Report of WWF, our planet earth lost 52 percent of its wildlife in past 40 years between 1970 and 2010(The Times of India, Mumbai, October 1, 2014). Polluting the essential requirements of life such as air, water, food, soil, etc. and consuming the limited non-renewable natural resources at the cost of the essential needs of our future generations or of our fellow lower form of creatures for the sake of luxuries is highly unethical. They would agree with the Gandhian view that the modern civilization’s out-and-out consumerist global market culture of having unlimited desires for more and more wealth and luxuries and going to the ends of the earth with the help of science and technology causing great irreparable harm to earth’s life and health-sustaining natural systems in search of their satisfaction is satanic and suicidal. The Gandhian alternative(in terms of Gandhiji’s conceptions of village Swaraj, Swadeshi, Antyodaya, Sarvodaya, dignified body-labour, rural serving/centric eco-friendly industrialization and urbanization, Satyagraha, character-building ethics education, enlightened righteous simple living and high thinking, etc), does provide a non-violent form of development, which essentially involves retelling the basic ethics of our ancient civilization as well as of all great religions in the context of our present technological age, and which is the surest and perhaps the only long term solution to our impending catastrophic global ecological crisis, including the seemingly insoluble problem of Global Warming and Climate Change. (For a discussion on this issue, please see the note “Gandhian Solution to Global Environmental Crisis” in our website, www.”)

In the short term, we must urgently take along with other like-minded countries the necessary steps to avoid the globally devastating irreversible impacts of climate change, and must progressively decrease dependence on fossil fuel to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and increase dependence on renewable energy and constantly try to bring down global warming to some desirable level with the help of science and technology. In India, forest cover is around 24 percent, and we need to increase this to 33 percent to absorb 2.5 to 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030 as part of our national action plan to counter climate change. Besides giving firewood, seasonal fruits, nuts, honey and material for making furniture, house etc, and reducing storm run-off and the possibility of flooding, etc., our forests will remain invaluable for us forever as the natural preserver of our invaluable water, topsoil, medicinal plants, wildlife, absorber of carbon dioxide and producer of oxygen and also accounting for the great majority of inland rain through evaporation & transpiration by trees. Scientists say: the global average temperature must not be allowed to rise more than 2°C (3.6°F) above preindustrial levels. The UNO-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its latest report released on November 3, 2014 in Copenhagen says that Global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced to zero by the end of this century and that most of worlds electricity can and must be produced from low-carbon sources by 2050 to avoid catastrophic irreversible impacts of climate change. The IPCC says that a shift from the use of fossil fuels to renewals is technologically and economically feasible through planed coordinated action among all the countries.

In the long term, we must make serious efforts to solve the problems of eco-hostile industrialization, urbanization, and population-growth, which constitute the root of our problem of environmental degradation, by a radical change from our current ideas of development and growth to an alternative form of development based on the Gandhian principles of Truth and universal non-violence, by trying to realize through Gandhian non-violent means the Gandhian conceptions village Swaraj , Swadeshi , dignified body-labour, rural centric / serving non-violent development, character-building ethics education, etc., as soon as possible. Industrialization and urbanization must be rural centric and caring, i.e. in the service of rural India, and development must be non-violent with loving care of our fellow lower form of creatures and life and health sustaining aesthetically and religiously invaluable natural systems. We must not allow our population to grow beyond the limit which would cause great harm to our future generations or to our fellow lower form of creatures, and if it has gone beyond the limit we must try to bring it down in some ethical way to the desirable level. We must take time-bound decisive steps to solve the problem of forced migration of rural unemployed to cities by converting rural India into ideal places for leading enlightened ethical life of simple living and high thinking with dignified exhilarating and health-friendly body labour in an atmosphere of natural purity and beauty.

We must build an ethically good society with the help of good governance and character building ethics education. In his Hind Swaraj, making a severe condemnation of the education system of modern western civilization, Gandhiji claims: “…it (higher education) has its place when we have brought under subjection our senses and put our ethics on a firm foundation. And then, if we feel inclined to receive that education, we may make good use of it. As an ornament it is likely to sit well on us. It now follows that it is not necessary to make this education compulsory. Our ancient school system is enough. Character building has the first place in it and that is primary education. A building erected on that foundation will last. … Religious, that is ethical, education will occupy the first place.” [M.K.Gandhi, Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule (Navajeevan Publishing House, Ahmedabad-14, 2005), pp.77-9.] We must introduce universal compulsory critical character-building ethics education with problem of the ultimate goal of life as its central problem from the beginning of our education system, which would be a major step in the direction to overcome our present deep rooted moral and spiritual crisis. We must study critically the views of great religions and of great teachers and thinkers of mankind about various fundamental issues of ethics concerning ethical values and the nature, value and means of ethically good life and good society. Knowledge about the fundamental ethical unity and truth of various great religions and the central place of ethics in religious life is bound to promote interreligious harmony and moral and spiritual growth of the religions.

The great teachers and seers of our ancient Indian civilization explicitly accept universal non-violence, i.e. non-violence to both human and non-human life, to be the foundation of ethics. They see clearly that a life of perfect enlightened selfless ethical universal love and renunciation (desirelessness) constitutes the core of the ultimate goal of life, i.e. of liberation, and pursuit of selfless ethical life of love, serving selflessly to society to the best of one’s ability through some work required for the general good and making constant effort to progress towards ethical perfection, constitutes the core of its means. They see clearly that enlightened unselfish desireless ethical life of love(i.e. enlightened selfless ethical life of love with detachment to the fruits of actions ) is intrinsically peaceful and blissful and that a liberated life is eternally the best form of life. They see clearly that any person through conscious effort can pursue liberation and progress towards it from evil to good life, from selfish good life to unselfish good life, from unselfish good life to enlightened selfless renounced, i.e. desireless, good life and from it finally to liberated life. They explicitly accept that pursuit of wealth and pleasure within the limits of ethics is essential not only for the pursuit of the ultimate goal of life, but also for lasting development, prosperity, peace and happiness in society. Gandhiji sees clearly that all great religions also explicitly or implicitly accept the same.He rightly considered the modern Western civilization to be essentially an irreligious false civilization in the sense that selfless ethical love, which constitutes the essence of religious life, has no place or only peripheral place in it, and what it considers to be the ultimate goal of life is essentially false; with deep conviction, he considered the ancient Indian Civilization to be a true civilization. (Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule, Chapters VI & XIII)

We must protect and take loving care of the delicate and holistic balance that exists in the ecosystems of nature which are invaluable from the view point of utility, aesthetics as well as religion, and try to restore wherever possible our degraded eco-systems: our pursuit of wealth and luxuries with the help of science and technology must not be allowed to cause harm to the life and heath sustaining natural eco-systems. Protection of the Ganga, symbolizing all rivers and water bodies, and the Giriraj Himalaya, symbolizing all mountains, forests and wildlife, must be accorded highest priority in our national development process. Surely our civilization which is the only living great ancient civilization and which is the mother of so many great religions has the moral and spiritual resources to play the role of Jagat Guru and show the present spiritually dark world the path of Truth, the path of self-purification, self-enlightenment and self-realization, the path of realization of ethical perfection, which constitutes truly the essence of the science of Yoga. It does provide profound systematic knowledge about the means to discipline ethically our senses and passions and progress towards ethical perfection, and its message of enlightened desire-less unselfish ethical action of universal love has the potentiality to save the world from the impending catastrophic global ecological crisis including the problem of global warming and climate change along with its present deep rooted all pervasive moral and spiritual crisis. It is deeply painful that in the present Global Market culture even Yoga has become a multibillion dollar business enterprise in the global market. Surely our ancient Indian civilization, which the Ganga has given to the world, has the moral and spiritual resources to provide the awareness necessary to create a mass Satyagraha to save the world from the impending massive ecological crisis, and surely India, the mother of this only great living ancient civilization, is in far better position than any other country to create and lead such a movement. Let India, the land of many great religions, provide the world a culture of non-violence and Truth, i.e., the true Ultimate meaning of life, in the context of our present technological age, where all religions would grow harmoniously in spite of their differences in the realm of metaphysics on the basis of the knowledge about their fundamental ethical unity and truth and the central place of ethics in religious life, and where development would take place with loving care of the invaluable countless kinds of flora and fauna of our life giving & life-sustaining aesthetically and religiously invaluable natural systems. Let us rejuvenate and preserve of our great ancient civilization of Truth and non-violence through completing the unfinished work of Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of Truth and non-violence of our age, and save India and through it the world at large from the impending catastrophic global ecological crisis along with the present all pervasive deep rooted moral and spiritual crisis.

We must realize that the ecological crisis of the Ganga, which is the life-line of nearly 40 % of our country’s population and which crores of our people consider to be their divine mother, is the sign/ symptom of the ecological crisis of our mother Planet earth, and the slow death of the Ganga is the sign/symptom of the slow death of our great living ancient true civilization. To what extent we would succeed to rejuvenate the Ganga would be the acid test of to what extent we would succeed to rejuvenate our great ancient civilization, which has the moral and spiritual resources to save the world from the impending catastrophic global ecological crisis along with its present deep rooted all pervasive moral and spiritual crisis. Let us begin our civilization-rejuvenation/ revival work through taking the necessary steps to rejuvenate the Ganga and her tributaries and their source the Himalayas and introducing compulsory critical ethics education with character-building ethics education as its core and the problem of the ultimate goal of life as its central problem from the beginning of our education.

Smt Rama Rauta,
Founder and Convener, Save Ganga Movement
Member, Expert Advisory Committee, Ganga Rejuvenation, Ministry of WR,RD&GR, GOI
Former Expert Member, National Ganga River Basin Authority, Govt. of India
President, National Women’s Organization, Pune

*(This note is essentially based on the note entitled “Gandhian Solution to Global Ecological Crisis”, available in our website, www.